About Us

1. Who we are?

PawArts, an online store for pet parents featuring proud dog moms. Those who want to show off their precious love for their pets.
Our in-house artist has created portraits for over 10,000 pets so far, and we’ll go on doing so until pet parents get tired of showing off their beautiful fur babies (...like that’ll ever happen!)

2. Our Mision

PawArts is a brand established to help proud pet parents show off their precious love for their pets.
We believe that there is no way better to express your love for your pet than customize goods. All of our prints are completely unique to you and aren't available anywhere else in the world. From birthdays and anniversaries to holiday gifts, we're your number one personalization destination where you can find one-of-a-kind products of high quality with unique designs such gifts to give to pet lovers.

3. Why Choose us?

When we started, our first priority was to provide affordable and high-quality art globally and it is also maintained constantly even today.

  • Unique everything

We offer customization options to customize designs with names, pictures, sizes, or anything you want. Meanwhile, we constantly update new styles monthly but have limited quantitative. So you can find a variety of designs that are feature or trending. But hurry! we won’t keep it on the shelf for long.

  • Live Preview

We offer a preview for approval before printing and shipping so you can be well- aware of what your final design looks like.

  • Robot-free zone

Your artwork is hand-drawn by our in-house designs. Our artists are trained to capture your pet’s unique characteristics and facial features and express their personality in the finished portrait.
Customer satisfaction is our success! We have said no with chatbox or anything automatic messenger techniques. You will work directly and assist by customer service with a real person. We want all of your problems to be listened to and clarified to bring you a great experience on our site. 

4. Contact information

    Pawarts Limited

    Serial number: 90516187
    Address: Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
    Email: support@pawarts.com